looks when eating (excerpt)


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Pay attention to the etiquette of the dining table, not too much. Foreigners not only have to eat nicely, but also straighten their waists and bring food to their mouths. We "do not tire of fineness, but not fineness", it is not easy to maintain that posture.


I have seen a lady whose mouth is not much smaller than the average person, but when she is drinking soup, she can really make the upper and lower lips as big as a cherry, and then touch the mouth with the spoon tip to slowly suck it. Compared with the person who sent the entire spoon to his mouth, it was overkill.


Life is expensive and comfortable. When the environment permits, you may wish to be a bit pretentious. You can fully enjoy your meal without too much restraint of etiquette, chew your mouth, or eat fast, and you are all content. When you eat, you are content with yourself. After you eat, you wipe your mouth and swim in the belly. Such pleasures are not common.


I've seen it really twice, and the impression is still fresh


Once at the "Zhao Wen" in Beijing, it was a complete Beijing snack bar. At the opening of the cotton curtain, there was a driver who was driving the car, the driver driving the car, the braid was on the forehead, the placket was lifted and tucked under the rag, and it was shaken, holding a piece of raw pork wrapped in leaves A pinch of leeks tied with a maran, put the food on the counter: "The shopkeeper, brand a pound of cake! Come to a bowl of stew!" Wait a minute, the fried leeks with shredded pork come up, two homemade cakes The stew bowl was also served. He divides the dishes into two, one pours on a pie, one roll is thicker than his fist, his hands stand on the plate, open the giant mouth of the blood basin, the left mouth, the right mouth, the middle mouth ! Not much effort, one piece of cake and one piece of cake disappeared, until his face was covered with sweat, straightened his waist and let out two full hiccups


Once again, I saw a group of stone masons working on the hillside in the back of the Qingdao dwelling. They stopped work at noon. Someone delivered food and opened the steamer. The steamed dumplings were half a foot long, and the workers swarmed up. Everyone clapped their palms and grabbed the dumplings to bite, and the dumplings were filled with green leek filling. Someone picked up a bucket of boiling water with a scoop floating on it, and scooped water around the bucket to eat. At this time, a person with green onions came to sell the green onions as thick as sugar cane, and they ate it up like it was fruits after a meal.


have n’t forgotten the above two scenes for a long time. They are all self-reliant people. They are open-hearted. They do not care about what they look like when they eat.