The Donkey and The Horse



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Once, there lived a washer man named Bheema. He had a donkey and a horse. The donkey carried clothes to the pond and back to his house. The horse carried Bheema to the market and back, occasionally. The donkey worked much harder than the horse.


On a bright sunny day, Bheema was going to the pond with donkey. He took the horse along to give it a drink of water. The donkey was carrying a heavy load of clothes. The horse was carrying nothing. The load was unusually heavy and the donkey’s back was hurting.


When the pain became unbearable the donkey said to the horse, “This load is too much for me, brother! Please take some of this load on your back."


The horse replied some what rudely, “Eh! Why should I? I am here only to carry our master to the market." The proud horse continued on his way. The day was getting hotter as the day went on. The donkey felt totally exhausted. He was almost dragging himself. “Humph! Humph!" The donkey tried to move. He just could not. The poor donkey collapsed to the ground. “Oh! What has happened to the poor donkey?" thought the washer man.

马无礼地回答:“哦!我为什么要?我在这里只是为了把我们的主人带到市场。“骄傲的马继续前进。随着日子的流逝,一天变得越来越热。驴子感到筋疲力尽。他几乎要拖着自己。“哼!哼!“驴试图移动。他只是做不到。那只可怜的驴倒在了地上。 “哦!那只可怜的驴怎么了?”洗衣的人说。

Immediately he took the load off the donkey. “Indeed the load is really very heavy. I should have been little more careful," thought the washer man. Then he gave some water to the donkey. The donkey felt better now.

他立即从驴上卸下了重担。 “的确,负担真的非常重。洗衣的人想。”然后,他给驴子喝水。驴子现在感觉好多了。

The washer man then picked up the bundle of clothes off the back of the donkey and placed it on the horse’s back. “Umf! Umf! Came the sound from the horse’s mouth. “I should have helped the donkey. I made a mistake. I should have taken half the load when the donkey requested me. Now I realize sharing a burden is easier." The horse carried the heavy load of clothes for the remaining distance. There after both the donkey and the horse lived together.

然后,洗衣人从驴子的背上捡起那捆衣服,并将其放在马背上。 “嗯!嗯!从马口传来声音。 “我应该帮助驴。我犯了一个错误。当驴要我时,我应该承担一半的负担。现在,我意识到分担负担变得容易了。”在剩下的距离内,马背着沉重的衣服。之后,驴和马一起生活了。







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